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Only Diary

An app to help hair-dressers, beauticians and freelancers to book appointments and keep track of their schedules.

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Real-time analytics that enable the retail business to take better decisions based on actual data.

New Website

Nômades Franquias

Business consulting firm from Florianópolis that helps businesses stay ready for the future.

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Mentores Online

A non-profit that inspires people through video stories about successful entrepreneurs and their businesses.

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KSO Advogados

Law firm specialized in legal services for brazilian start-ups and digital companies.

Stand-out from your competition.

The growth of Web Design agencies has brought a lot of this ”fast-service” that helps businesses get their websites up, but also makes them look like everyone else.
Fortunately, that opens up a space for those who wish to stand-out from the competition—those who seek results out of the ordinary.

Projects start at $1200.